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Make something epic.

Life is full of incredible memories and it can bring in a whole lot of fun, exciting situations that you want to remember over and over. If you’re looking for a way to cherish your memories and share them with others, then you are in the right place. Epics is the ultimate app where you can share your cool memories and bring in a lot of exciting moments into the mix.

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We wish to be a part in these epic journeys.

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Remember the fun times you had in your life

One of the great things you get with Epics is that you can always enjoy your life and have fun for a change. Not only does it allow you to get back in time and relive cool memories, but you are also able to share them with anyone you want. It just makes the entire experience a lot more exciting and meaningful, especially when you can share it with those special people in your life. Try out Epics today and enjoy some of your favorite memories with friends and family!

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Share your memories in a cool way

What makes Epics great is the fact that you can easily choose who you are sharing your memories with. You can share it with anyone, be it a friend, a group of people or just a special person you have in mind. Or you can make your memories public if you want, it’s all up to you and it brings a whole lot of fun and engaging moments for you to enjoy.

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Our Team

epics.life is fully remote, with a strong affinity for open source maintainers and ex-Founders.


Subhendu Kundu

Team Lead


Kanhaiya Sharma

Design Lead


Himanshu Sharma

Illustration Lead